03/31 2012

The BEST Way to Increase Sport Performance

Primal Fit Miami and Excel Sports Performance showing Pro Soccer team and Pro Tennis Players using cutting edge movement based training to increase performance and decrease injury. This type of training in conjunction with a structured Strength and Conditioning has a huge carry over toREAD MORE

03/31 2012

Strongman Training at THE HILL

Big Drew and I headed to THE Hill with nothing but a 40ft pulling rope and a 32KG KB. We learned quickly that you don’t need many tools at all to make the Hill an effective workout.

03/31 2012

Primal Fit + Sandbag + HILL= Trouble!

Ron and I took a trip to THE Hill with a 120 pound Sandbag, a 32KG KB and a 25 pound Club Bell. We did 20 Sandbag squats and walked down and up the 100yd hill, rested 2min and and performed 8 reps of aREAD MORE

11/13 2011

Beast Mode Part 2

Crazy Strongman Finisher for my 56 year old friend and client David Miller. Dudes a joy to train, takes everything I throw at him head on! The testimonial he gives me at the end is really cool, thank you David, for leaving it all onREAD MORE

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11/9 2011

Fat Loss Tool Box Part 2

This Hybrid outdoor conditioning circuit is a great addition to any toolbox. Not only does this type of workout burn a ton of calories during and after, there’s just nothing like training out in the elements. Do yourself a favor and PLAY outside when youREAD MORE

11/9 2011

Fat Loss Tool Box Pt.1

The Fat Loss Tool Box installments will feature some the most effective and innovative training sessions completed at Primal Fit Miami. This first one is demonstrating a Db Complex performed in a 2-8 ladder fashion. Like I explain in my DVD Fat Loss Secrets Revealed ComplexesREAD MORE

11/8 2011

Fat Loss Inferno!!

Every Friday at Primal Fit Miami we hold a “challenge” day. This changes each week and ranges from outdoor conditioning circuits, strongman medleys, timed stationed based training, complexes, hybrids and ladders for time. One thing everyone knows is that Fridays is not only going toREAD MORE

10/31 2011

56 Year Old Goes BEAST-MODE at Primal Fit!!

Out of town client Big D spends his birthday at Primal Fit Miami. I told him I had a big surprise and I know I didn’t let him down… Happy Birthday Dave! This guy is honestly not only one of the hardest working 56 yrREAD MORE

10/30 2011

NEW Meatza Recipe

I love pizza! I actually grew up on Domino’s Pizza growing up with my Dad and brother back in Virginia. Fast-forward to 2011 and I still LOVE Pizza, In fact until a couple of months ago I would plan when I would have my pizzaREAD MORE